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Warcraft Style House - Self Project - Maya / Photoshop / UDK (Unreal Development Kit)

This house was created as a small personal project. I was looking at some concept art for the latest World of Warcraft expansion and decided to try my hand at modelling and texturing a building in the WoW style. It features hand painted textures, which I was quite proud of. The house is 4064 tris. It has 4 tiling diffuses, 2 emmisive maps and 1 static prop diffuse.

2moro mobile (AUS), Motopia (AUS), Soda Cube (AUS), Soap Creative (UK), Jin Wang (AUS), Booz & Company (Abu Dhabi), Multimedia Innovations (NORWAY), LarvaLabs (UK), Pixel Estates (AUS), Gymbaroo (AUS), Beetroot Publishing (UK), Kukan Studio (AUS), Jumbuck Entertainment (AUS), Paramount Pictures (UK), Arawak Designs (UK)

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